About the HealthBulletin

The Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin brings together the latest information about Indigenous health. The HealthBulletin (ISSN 1445-7253) is the online journal of the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet.

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The purpose of the HealthBulletin is to facilitate access to information of relevance to Australian Indigenous health. Reflecting the wide range of users – policy makers, service providers, researchers, students and the general community – the HealthBulletin attempts to keep people informed of current events of relevance, as well as information about recent research. Research information is provided in two ways – the publication of original research and the presentation of abstracts of research published or presented elsewhere.

Preference for publication of original research is given to practical examples of policies, strategies and programs that utilise educational, organisational, economic and/or environmental approaches to Indigenous health. Original research articles are included as ‘original articles’ or ‘brief reports’ depending on their size, scope and nature. To
ensure readers of their quality, all original research articles are subject to peer review. The HealthBulletin also publishes peer reviewed general summaries of Indigenous health and reviews of specific topics in the ‘Reviews’ section. Summaries of innovative health promotion or disease prevention programs not subject to a full peer review process, are included in the ‘Brief reports’ section.

Information about recent developments of relevance to Indigenous health is summarised in the ‘Current topics’ section. Separate sections provide details of recent journal articles, reports and other publications, conference presentations, resources and new or revised websites published elsewhere.

The HealthBulletin is published online as a HealthBulletin ‘in progress’, to allow readers to have access to information as it becomes available, rather than have material waiting ‘behind the scenes’ until the next publication. There are four editions published per year with each edition running continuously for three months. To access the latest edition see current issue.

The HealthBulletin welcomes your contributions and assistance. If you would like to submit an article for inclusion in ‘Original articles’, ‘Brief reports’ or ‘Reviews’, please see the contribute page. If you know of events and information of relevance to other sections of the HealthBulletin please contact us.

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