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Adolescent pregnancy in Australia

Posted on: 19 May, 2014
Issue: Vol 14 No 2, April 2014 - June 2014
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Lewis LN, Skinner SR (2014)
Adolescent pregnancy in Australia
In: Cherry AL, Dillon ME, eds. International Handbook of Adolescent Pregnancy. : Springer US: 191-203

This chapter from the International handbook of adolescent pregnancy provides information on adolescent pregnancy specific to Australia, including data for Indigenous young women. It considers the health, social and economic impact of adolescent pregnancy. The topics covered in this chapter include:

  • characteristics of Australian adolescents who give birth
  • disadvantage as a result of low socioeconomic status
  • family characteristics
  • contraception
  • birth outcomes for adolescent women and their infants
  • recommendations for further research.

The authors acknowledge the importance of providing Indigenous young women with culturally appropriate and accessible contraceptive services to reduce the impact of the social inequities faced as a result of adolescent pregnancies.

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