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Digital futures in Indigenous communities

Posted on: 5 September, 2016
Issue: Vol 16 No 3, July 2016 – September 2016
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Smith K, Chenhall R, McGuire S, Kowal E (2016)
Digital futures in Indigenous communities
Melbourne: Melbourne Networked Society Institute

This report outlines research on the social enterprise; HITnet with the aim of better understanding how the HITnet digital kiosks could be adapted to meet the diverse and evolving needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in remote areas of Australia. The research used ethnographic methods with analysis of HITnet kiosk usage statistics, to provide an in-depth, context specific picture of digital technology in relation to community use and needs. The report also outlines how the results for the project can provide pathways for future development of the HITnet kiosk network.

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