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Healthy Skin Workshop 2016

Posted on: 29 August, 2016
Issue: Vol 16 No 3, July 2016 – September 2016
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Menzies School of Health Research (2016)
Healthy Skin Workshop 2016
Paper presented at the Healthy Skin Workshop 2016. 4 May 2016, RDH Campus, Rocklands Drive, Tiwi, NT

The Healthy Skin Workshop 2016 aimed to bring together representatives from different sectors involved in healthy skin health care to share knowledge and experience and to provide information and strategic direction for policy to improve skin health in northern Australia.

The conference was convened by Menzies School of Health Research in partnership with Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) Australia, One Disease and Telethon Kids Institute. Presentations from the event, as well as articles, reports and additional resources, have been made available on the Menzies School of Health Research website.

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