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Housing strategies that improve Indigenous health outcomes

Posted on: 3 March, 2014
Issue: Vol 14 No 1, January 2014 – March 2014
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Ware V-A (2013)
Housing strategies that improve Indigenous health outcomes
Canberra: Closing the Gap Clearinghouse

This resource was produced as part of a collection of resource sheets for the Closing the Gap Clearinghouse, a database of evidence on what works to overcome Indigenous disadvantage.

This resource sheet examines the links between housing quality and health outcomes, the mechanisms by which housing influences health outcomes, and a range of practices that can improve the condition of Indigenous housing. It reviews what works, what doesn’t, and what further research is needed.

Housing strategies that improve Indigenous health outcomes includes information on:

  • what we know and don’t know about housing and health
  • what works and doesn’t work
  • current policy context
  • scope of the review and nature of evidence base
  • how housing impacts on health outcomes
    • variations in the impacts of housing on Indigenous health
    • health impacts of poor design, construction and maintenance
    • pyscho-social impacts of housing on health
    • economic mechanisms and health impacts
  • types of housing interventions that impact upon health, and principles for their effective implementation
    • policy environment
    • funding models
    • design and delivery of appropriate housing
    • cultural appropriateness
    • infrastructure improvements
    • housing maintenance
    • housing-related health promotion programs.

The Closing the Gap Clearinghouse has also published a resource sheet on housing construction and maintenance. This resource sheet is intended to complement it by examining how the quality of housing impacts on health outcomes, and by taking a broader view of housing including its location and social environment. It is recommended that the two resource sheets be read alongside one another.

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