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Indigenous care leavers in Victoria: final report

Posted on: 16 May, 2016
Issue: Vol 16 No 2, April 2016 – June 2016
Related to Cultural ways Adolescents Infants and young children Research Victoria

Mendes P, Saunders B, Baidawi S (2016)
Indigenous care leavers in Victoria: final report
Melbourne: Monash University

This report presents the findings of a 14 month exploratory study of Indigenous care leavers in Victoria. The study aimed to examine current leaving care and post-care systems available to Indigenous care leavers, paying particular attention to relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous agencies, and differences in their approach to service delivery. Additionally, the project investigated the backgrounds and experiences of Indigenous care leavers, including their access to leaving care and post-care services. Finally, the study sought to identify programs or strategies that would assist Indigenous care leavers, in order to inform future policy and practice responses.

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