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Indigenous children’s health report: health assessment in action

Posted on: 16 April, 2009
Issue: Vol 9 No 2, April 2009 - June 2009
Related to Infants and young children Social determinants

Smylie J (2009)
Indigenous children’s health report: health assessment in action.
Toronto: Centre for Research on Inner City Health, Keenan Research Centre

This report documents the health status of Indigenous children in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and America. Major health disparities exist between Indigenous and non-Indigenous children in these countries, Indigenous children having higher infant mortality, sudden infant death syndrome, child injury, accidental death and suicide, ear infections, respiratory tract infections, dental caries, and exposure to environmental contaminants compared to their non-Indigenous counterparts. Other common themes emerging among all four countries are: improving Indigenous identifying information; colonisation as an underlying social determinant of Indigenous health; poverty among Indigenous children; and limited access to health, economic, and social resources. Chapter three focuses on the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and the Australian experience.

 Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract

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