Let’s talk gambling

Posted on: 10 January, 2011
Issue: Vol 11 No 1, January 2011 – March 2011
Related to Social issues New South Wales

The Let’s talk gambling website provides information about gambling, problem gambling, resources and access to help for Aboriginal communities in NSW. Gambling in Australia is a common activity, it also appears to be a common activity among Aboriginal people in NSW, and can cause problems for Aboriginal people; their families and communities. This website looks at the many issues central to problem gambling and provides clear and concise information on:

  • what is gambling
  • why people gamble
  • the levels of gambling
  • problems associated with gambling
  • the cycle of gambling
  • why Aboriginal people develop problems with gambling
  • the impact of gambling on individuals, family and friends
  • access to help
  • strategies for individuals who may have a gambling problem

A number of resources and publications are made available on the website for individuals to access. In addition, information is provided for conference or events taking place throughout Australia which tackle the issue of problem gambling.

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