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My heart, my family, our culture

Posted on: 2 April, 2014
Issue: Vol 14 No 2, April 2014 - June 2014
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Heart Foundation (2013)
My heart, my family, our culture
Canberra: Heart Foundation

This resource package includes a series of cardiovascular health information sheets for health professionals to use with their Indigenous clients. There are nine information sheets that relate to a range of health issues:

  • medicines
  • physical activity
  • diabetes
  • feeling sad and lonely
  • high cholesterol
  • healthy body weight
  • blood pressure
  • alcohol
  • smoking.

The information sheets were developed by the Heart Foundation Western Australia (WA) and funded by Healthway, Government Department of Health and Ageing – Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and the Department of Health WA.

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