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Philanthropy for Indigenous causes : more than a ‘cup of tea’?

Posted on: 20 December, 2010
Issue: Vol 10 No 4, October - December 2010
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Smyllie S, Scaife WA (2010)
Philanthropy for Indigenous causes : more than a ‘cup of tea’?
Brisbane: The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, Queensland University of Technology

This paper reports on a qualitative study aimed at understanding the issues affecting the decisions and actions of grant-making organisations and individuals who wish to support Indigenous causes. Indigenous causes have been under-represented as recipients of philanthropy funding. The study revealed that through a process of ‘learning by doing’ a new way of working has begun to take shape. A positive picture has been described by the participants in the study. There has however been little assessment from an Indigenous perspective, but there are encouraging signs of goodwill across the sector to improve the philanthropic situation for Indigenous causes.

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