Queensland forensic mental health website

Posted on: 19 April, 2010
Issue: Vol 10 No 2, April 2010 - June 2010
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This Queensland forensic mental health website provides information for the community and media professionals about the forensic mental health system in Queensland. The forensic mental health system refers to the components in the health and justice system responding to people with a mental illness who have been charged with an offence for which they may be taken to court.

The website is divided into three sections:

  • Information for Indigenous communities;
  • Information for the general community; and
  • Information for media professionals.

A list of explanatory notes for some commonly used terms is also provided.

The section for Indigenous communities contains information about, and downloadable items of, the Indigenous forensic mental health resource kit. This kit contains a set of resources developed to increase awareness among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people about the Queensland forensic mental health system. Consultations across the State informed the design and content of the material. The resource kit consists of:

  • A DVD with the story of a young Indigenous male charged with an offence when mentally unwell.
  • Five fact sheets
  • Flow charts which provide a visual map of forensic mental health processes in Queensland.
  • The poster entitled ‘A Journey into the Queensland forensic mental health system’, designed by an Indigenous artist.
  • A suggestions sheet which provides ideas on how to use the kit.

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