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The trachoma story kit

Posted on: 8 September, 2010
Issue: Vol 10 No 3, July 2010 - September 2010
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Indigenous Eye Health Unit (2010)
The Trachoma story kit
Melbourne: Indigenous Eye Health Unit, University of Melbourne

The trachoma story kit was developed as a set of three kits – one each for clinics, schools and communities, with the key message of ‘Clean faces, strong eyes’. Each kit provides specific resources for its audience in easy to read, user friendly language. The kits incorporate clinical knowhow, cultural knowledge and practices and are supplemented by engaging, realistic images of contemporary remote Aboriginal communities. The resource package consists of flipcharts, lesson plans, posters and a DVD. The flipcharts explain what trachoma is and what people can do to prevent it. The teacher book, lesson plans and a student workbook can be utilised in classrooms. The posters available highlight the need for regular screening and medication to stop the spread of infection and to prevent deterioration of the condition to eventual blindness. The DVD in the package is titled Jabby and friends, and is suitable for children and parents in Northern and Remote Australia. It covers a variety of health issues relating to trachoma including hygiene and healthy lifestyle choices.

The trachoma story kit was developed in close consultation with the Ngumpin Reference Group a consultative group for the Katherine West Health Board, made up of board members, Aboriginal Health Workers and ex-Aboriginal Health Workers. Over 12 months, the Ngumpin Reference Group provided input and guidance in all aspects of The trachoma story kit’s development. The Ngumpin Reference Group made a significant contribution to the new resources, ensuring that they were culturally appropriate and did not have an institutionalised or non-Aboriginal perspective.

Adapted from an abstract by the Indigenous Eye Health Unit, University of Melbourne 

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