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TheMHS Summer Forum – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s mental health and emotional wellbeing

Posted on: 1 April, 2008
Issue: Vol 8 No 2, April 2008 - June 2008
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On 21 – 22 February 2008, the Mental Health Services (TheMHS) Summer Forum took place at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. The title of the 2008 TheMHS Summer Forum was ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s mental health and emotional wellbeing’, and had the theme: ‘time to listen, time to act’.

Presentations included:

  • Brideson T. Lessons from the current roll out of the Aboriginal Mental Health Workforce Program
  • Calma T. Human rights, Indigenous communities and social and emotional well-being
  • Dudley M. Suicide prevention
  • Harris V. The Social and Emotional Wellbeing Program within the Co-operative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health
  • Hunter E. Promoting mental health and wellbeing in remote communities: overcoming the digital divide
  • Milroy H. Children, transgenerational trauma and the well-being of Indigenous communities
  • Milne M. Maori mental health: past, present, future
  • Ober C. Workforce development and capacity building: considerations for the future
  • Phillips N. From the edge of nowhere to the eye of the storm: Gubbah psychiatrist talks about Indigenous mental health
  • Roberts R, Sanders T. What are the key elements of a good service?
  • Rosen A. What can the wider community learn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?
  • Wieland B, Dodd Z, Wilmott Elder J, Krieg A. A learning guide: a process of cultural respect within a mental health service

Some of the presentations are now available for download from the TheMHS website.

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