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Welcome to country

Posted on: 4 April, 2016
Issue: Vol 16 No 2, April 2016 – June 2016
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Weerianna Street Media (2015)
Welcome to country [Mobile application software]
Roebourne, WA: Weerianna Street Media

The Welcome to country iPhone app uses a GPS function to deliver a simple Welcome to country video introduction within a tribal boundary.

It aims to educate the user on Traditional owners cultural and heritage protocols for more than 30 tribes and language groups from around Australia. The app educates the user in the following issues:

  • the importance of Elders, past and present
  • tribal areas
  • cultural heritage and protocols
  • language groups
  • and other interesting highlights from the area.

The approximate geo-locations of individual language groups are general in nature and do not in any way represent tribal specific boundaries. The Welcome to country videos displayed on this app have been compiled for educational purposes only.

Abstract adapted from Weerianna Street Media

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