Peer review process


Submitted manuscripts are acknowledged, and all authors are asked to sign a copyright form.

Initial assessment:

A general assessment of suitability for publication is made by the editorial team. Manuscripts considered unsuitable for publication are returned to the author(s), usually within 2 weeks.

Peer review:

Manuscripts considered suitable for publication are sent generally to two or three relevant experts (including honorary HealthInfoNet Consultants). After reassessment by the editorial team, they are returned to the author(s), either for revision or because they have been deemed unsuitable for publication, about 4 to 6 weeks after the date of submission.


A request for revision does not mean that the manuscript has been accepted for publication, but provides the author(s) with an opportunity to present the best possible article to the Editor for a decision about publication. Authors are generally given 2 to 4 weeks to return the revised manuscript. Two copies should be returned (one using ‘track changes’ or similar procedure to highlight to indicate where changes have been made, and the other without highlighting), together with a letter outlining the responses to the reviewers’ comments.


The final decision about publication is made by the Editor.


Published articles that have satisfied this peer review process are clearly indicated as having done so.

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