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2010 Indigenous expenditure report

Posted on: 4 April, 2011
Issue: Vol 11 No 2, April 2011 - June 2011
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Indigenous Expenditure Report Steering Committee (2010)
2010 Indigenous expenditure report
Canberra: Productivity Commission

This report provides through information on expenditure on both Indigenous specific services and the estimated Indigenous share of mainstream services by the Australian, state and territory governments. The report highlights the difficulties in providing this information and sets out ways that this information can be better collected and analysed by jurisdictions.

The report is arranged around the seven Closing the gap building blocks: early childhood; schooling; health; economic participation; healthy homes; safe communities; and governance and leadership. Total Indigenous expenditure in 2008-09 was estimated to be $21.9 billion or 5.3 per cent of total general government expenditure. Estimated expenditure per head of population was $40,228 for Indigenous Australians, compared with $18,351 for non-Indigenous Australians.

Expenditure on services related to Indigenous Australians is thought to be greater than for non-Indigenous Australians because of differences in levels of disadvantage, more intensive use of services by Indigenous Australian’s, and the greater cost of providing these services (because of factors such as more Indigenous Australians living in remote areas).

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract

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