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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research at the Kirby Institute 2015

Posted on: 27 July, 2015
Issue: Vol 15 No 3, July 2015 – September 2015
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The Kirby Institute (2015)
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research at the Kirby Institute 2015
Sydney: The Kirby Institute

In celebration of National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) week 2015, the Kirby Institute has a created a booklet which showcases their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research.

Aboriginal people are one of the priority populations for research conducted at the Kirby Institute. The Kirby Institute manages a range of Aboriginal research and surveillance projects including viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infection (STI) clinical interventions in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services, prisoner health surveys, behavioural surveys, national STI and blood borne viruses (BBV) surveillance, trachoma surveillance, training and education and policy development.

This report outlines a number of projects being conducted by the Kirby Institute across Australia. Information for each project includes:

  • a description of the project
  • expected benefit to the community
  • investigators
  • Aboriginal community involvement
  • collaborating organisations
  • funding body
  • achievements/key findings
  • contacts.

Abstract adapted from the Kirby Institute

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