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Aboriginal Services Plan: key indicators 2006/07

Posted on: 1 July, 2008
Issue: Vol 8 No 3, July 2008 - September 2008
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Koori Human Services Unit (2008)
Aboriginal Services Plan: key indicators 2006/07
Melbourne: Koori Human Services Unit, Policy and Strategic Projects Division, Victorian Government

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This publication reports on the key factors in relation to the Aboriginal Services Plan 2004 and provides statistics on the areas of Aboriginal health for which the Department of Human Services (DHS) is responsible within Victoria. In the Plan the DHS outlined its commitment to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people living in Victoria. In conjunction with Aboriginal people, communities and organisations, the plan aims to focus on the cultural and identity issues faced by this group and on the ways to improve life in general and life expectancy for Aboriginal people in Victoria. Five strategic areas incorporating 17 indicators are presented, ranging from early childhood development and growth, to functional and resilient families and communities.

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