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Bringing Them Home 20 years on: an action plan for healing

Posted on: 5 June, 2017
Issue: Vol 17 No 2, April 2017 – June 2017
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Anderson P, Tilton E (2017)
Bringing Them Home 20 years on: an action plan for healing
Canberra: Healing Foundation

In 1997, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Bringing them home (BTH) report was made public. The report was a significant milestone for the Stolen Generations members, their families, and the broader Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. The Healing Foundation commissioned this review to coincide with the 20th anniversary of BTH, taking place on Friday 26 May 2017.

This review provides three actions to help Stolen Generations members reach some peace, and to meet their continuing and emerging needs, along with the needs of their families.

This review is intended to mark the start of a conversation led by Stolen Generations members to inform the continuing process of acknowledging and making reparation for past policies.

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