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Choosin’ right with sex, grog and drugs

Posted on: 23 July, 2012
Issue: Vol 12 No 3, July 2012 - September 2012
Related to Sexual health Health promotion Adolescents Alcohol use Illicit drug use Northern Territory

Stark A, Ortega L, Tusa I (2012)
Choosin’ right with sex, grog and drugs
Darwin: Northern Territory Department of Health

The Choosin’ right DVD seeks to improve sexual health and alcohol and other drug use outcomes for young Aboriginal people. The DVD explores the choices and consequences of alcohol and other drug use, and sexual health using situations commonly encountered by young people. The inclusion of local Aboriginal actors, a local soundtrack, and local language validates the life experiences of young Aboriginal people and provides education in a relevant context. The DVD is supported by facilitator and student workbooks. The facilitator workbook is designed to be used by teachers, youth workers, and community workers to facilitate workshops with young people after viewing the DVD, highlighting the important take home messages through culturally relevant interactive activities.

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