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Closing the gap in Aboriginal health outcomes initiative: final evaluation report

Posted on: 24 March, 2014
Issue: Vol 14 No 1, January 2014 – March 2014
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Grealy C, Kurti L, URBIS (2014)
Closing the gap in Aboriginal health outcomes initiative: final evaluation report
Melbourne: Victorian Department of Health

The Victorian Closing the gap in health outcomes initiative is one component of Victoria’s contribution to the national efforts to ‘close the gap’ in Indigenous disadvantage. It was established in 2009-10 and concluded in June 2013. Urbis was commissioned by the Victorian Department of Health to undertake the evaluation of the initiative over the three-year period from 2010-2013. The evaluation focused on four key questions:

  • how effectively the initiative has been implemented in Victoria
  • the extent to which the targets have been achieved
  • whether current projects represent the most appropriate, effective and efficient means for achieving these goals
  • the extent to which a community-driven approach has been adopted and effective in the regional implementation of the initiative.

This report is the final evaluation report for the initiative and provides a summative analysis of the initiative, its effectiveness, appropriateness, impact and outcomes. This report:

  • discusses the Victorian and national approaches to ‘closing the gap’ in health, providing the policy context and structures supporting the initiative
  • presents findings of the evaluation, under the headings of the five Council of Australian Governments priority areas
  • discusses key achievements, the impact of the initiative on system and structural changes, and lessons learned from the initiative
  • provides a concluding analysis of the contribution made by the initiative to closing the gap, as well as responses to the four key evaluation questions, and recommendations for the future.

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