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Evaluating Indigenous programs: a toolkit for change

Posted on: 12 June, 2017
Issue: Vol 17 No 2, April 2017 – June 2017
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Hudson S (2017)
Evaluating Indigenous programs: a toolkit for change
Sydney: Centre for Independent Studies

This report outlines the case for reform and Indigenous people’s frustration at the Indigenous Advancement Strategy, which saw community organisations lose funding for programs they felt were working, while programs and services communities did not want or need were introduced. Next, the report examines why it is important to evaluate programs, and the concept of co-accountability. The findings of a literature review of 111 Indigenous program evaluations/ audits/reviews is analysed, including what constitutes a rigorous evaluation and a possible hierarchy of evidence. Finally, recommendations for improvements to practice for both policy makers and program providers is provided.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract

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