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Final report of the Referendum Council

Posted on: 24 July, 2017
Issue: Vol 17 No 3, July 2017 – September 2017
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Urbis (2017)
Final report of the Referendum Council
Canberra: Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australia

This is the final report of the Referendum Council, a body established in 2015 to provide guidance on constitutional change to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. The Council undertook a significant consultation process, seeking the views of all Australians through hosting a digital engagement platform and conducting regional dialogues with First Australians across the nation. The report includes:

  • an introduction and recommendations
  • the work of the Referendum Council
  • the process and outcomes from the First Nations regional dialogue and the National Constitutional Convention
  • the process and outcomes from the broader community consultations
  • findings and conclusion.

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