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Hep B side

Posted on: 21 August, 2017
Issue: Vol 17 No 3, July 2017 – September 2017
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iTalk Studios (2017)
Hep B side
NT: iTalk Studios

Hep B side is a YouTube video created by iTalk Studios for the Northern Territory Aids and Hepatitis Council to encourage everyone to get tested for the Hepatitis B virus.

The video starts with a song about the virus and then goes into further details after the song has finished. It covers various transmission routes of the virus and encourages testing to determine what a person’s hepatitis B status is, and explains that there is no cost involved with testing. It describes how the virus can make a person feel and encourages people to get a check up with their local health professional, and their partners too. The video explains what happens if a person tests positive for the virus and what steps they can take to feel better,including taking medication. The video is available with narration in English and Yolngu Matha.

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