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Posted on: 1 October, 2009
Issue: Vol 9 No 4, October 2009 - December 2009
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International Centre for Eyecare Education (2009)
I see for culture [Resource package]
Sydney: International Centre for Eyecare Education

The ‘I See for Culture’ eye health education resources were developed by the International Centre for Eyecare Education (ICEE), via funding from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. Designed specifically for use with adults in rural and remote Indigenous health contexts, they are primarily image-based. The complete kits contain the following components:

  • Flip charts x 2
  • Posters x 2
  • Model eye
  • Simulator masks (cataract and diabetic retinopathy)
  • Information booklet

The flip-charts image-based content and narrative style wording allow health workers to better explain and educate their patients about eye and vision disorders. Although an ideal size for one-on-one use, they could also be used with a small group of patients. Further information on how to use the flip-charts is contained in the information booklet.

There are two flip-charts:

Book 1 ‘All about eyes’ is a general overview about parts of the eye, how to look after the eyes, what happens during an eye exam, about wearing spectacles, and low vision rehabilitation.
Book 2 ‘Trachoma, cataract, diabetes and your eyes’ has information about cause, prevention and treatment of these three conditions, which are commonly seen in Indigenous communities. Information was incorporated into a story, to present a more real-life scenario, thereby enhancing relevance of the message.

Two different posters have been designed to be displayed in community health centres, to promote the importance of everyone having a regular eye exam. Mark Ella, first Indigenous captain of the Wallabies rugby union team, is the Ambassador for the ‘I See for Culture’ campaign and Mark’s photo is on the eye health awareness posters.

Poster 1: ‘Get your eyes checked!’ (landscape)
Poster 2: ‘Look after your eyes – get them checked’ (portrait)

A limited number of resource kits were put together and distributed to Indigenous health centres around Australia. At this stage no complete kits are available for order. Simulator masks (to discuss visual effects of cataract and diabetic retinopathy with a patient’s spouse/relative) may be ordered from Vision Australia.

ICEE grants permission for these resources to be printed and reproduced. The materials can only be used for educational and non-profit purposes.

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