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Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment (KICA) regional urban

Posted on: 1 July, 2013
Issue: Vol 13 No 3, July 2013 - September 2013
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National Ageing Research Institute (2013)
Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment (KICA) regional urban
Melbourne: National Ageing Research Institute

This cognitive screening tool was developed to provide health practitioners with a culturally appropriate means for screening for dementia in regional and urban Indigenous populations. The development of this screening tool was based on the Kimberley Indigenous cognitive assessment (KICA), which was developed for Indigenous Australians aged 45 years and older living in rural and remote areas. The modification of the original KICA for regional and urban Indigenous communities involved focus group consultations and a Delphi process where the face and content validity of the modified tool were evaluated. This process resulted in the KICA regional urban, where the cognitive questionnaire and picture component of the screening tool have been adapted for regional and urban populations. The other sections of the original KICA tool were deemed appropriate for regional urban populations, such as the medical history, social history, and behavioural symptoms.

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