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Mapping the Indigenous program and funding maze

Posted on: 5 September, 2016
Issue: Vol 16 No 3, July 2016 – September 2016
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Hudson S (2016)
Mapping the Indigenous program and funding maze
Sydney: Centre for Independent Studies

This research report maps the number of government and non-government Indigenous programs and potential level of duplication among different program providers (federal, state/territory and non-government). It also estimates how much funding is allocated for Indigenous specific programs, across the non-government sector as well as by federal and state/territory governments.The report finally assesses the impact of the Federal government’s decision to merge 150 programs into five and the distribution of federal funding under the five overarching program streams.

This report is the first in a series of reports that will investigate Indigenous funding and program delivery. Future research will include a more detailed analysis of Indigenous programs and evaluations and a review of different service and delivery models, including pay-for-performance funding models.

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