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National Screening and Assessment Form User Guide

Posted on: 26 June, 2017
Issue: Vol 17 No 2, April 2017 – June 2017
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Australian Department of Ageing and Aged Care (2017)
National Screening and Assessment Form User Guide
Canberra: Australian Department of Health

The National screening and assessment (NSAF) form user guide provides detailed information on the principles, inputs, processes and outputs that underpin the use of the NSAF. It provides guidance for:

  • My Aged Care contact centre staff (contact centre staff) to conduct screening
  • My Aged Care regional assessment service to conduct face-to-face home support assessment
  • aged care assessment teams to conduct face-to-face comprehensive assessment.

It also provides:

  • an outline of how to conduct the screening and assessment process as part of My Aged Care, including the use of pre-populated information from previous screening and assessment events
  • helpful hints and prompts to gather appropriate information to be entered into the My Aged Care system.

The guide provides information specific to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population.

Abstract adapted Australian Department of Health

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