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Native title report 2011

Posted on: 10 January, 2012
Issue: Vol 12 No 1, January 2012 – March 2012
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Australian Human Rights Commission (2011)
Native title report 2011
Canberra: Australian Human Rights Commission

This report, produced each year as a requirement of the Native title act (1993), reviews the impact of the act on the human rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The themes of this report include:

  • the creation of a just and fair native title system through law and policy reform
  • enhancing the capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to realise their social, cultural and economic development ambitions through the strengthening of communities.

In line with the Social justice report 2011 this report considers lateral violence within the native title system and how human rights frameworks address the issue. The report includes 11 recommendations to consider.

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