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No germs on me

Posted on: 5 November, 2012
Issue: Vol 12 No 4, October 2012 - December 2012
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Menzies School of Health Research (2012)
No germs on me
Darwin: Menzies School of Health Research

These resources can be used to teach children aged 4-7 years about washing their hands. The resources include:

  • printable numeracy worksheets
  • printable literacy worksheets
  • a printable ‘chatterbox’ (hand-held paper-folding game)
  • an online instructional music video with printable lyrics.

The resources were produced for Global handwashing day by Menzies School of Health Research in partnership with the Northern Territory Department of Health. The resources are part of the No germs on me campaign, a Northern Territory initiative to raise awareness about the importance of handwashing to prevent the spread of diarrhoeal and respiratory illness among children, schools and communities. Some of the resources feature Indigenous characters and actors.

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