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Passing on wisdom: Jason’s diabetes story

Posted on: 8 January, 2018
Issue: Vol 18 No 1, January 2018 – March 2018
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Bartlett J (2017)
Passing on wisdom: Jason’s diabetes story
Perth, WA: WA Centre for Rural Health

This video aims to raise awareness of the complications of diabetes.

The father of two tells how he was diagnosed with diabetes at 19 years of age. A combination of lack of health education and ignoring the danger signs gradually lead to a tragic sequence of chronic conditions that eventually took his sight and his mobility.

The 36 year old singer, songwriter and former television music show star recorded the video nine days before he passed away in Royal Perth Hospital in June, from complications of diabetes and obesity, leading to heart and kidney failure.

His key message is for everybody, especially men, to look after themselves, so they can be there for their families and friends for as long as possible.

The video was produced by Jason Bartlett’s family, the University of Western Australia WA Centre for Rural Health, and media organisation Health Communication Resources.

Please note: This video shows a person who has passed away.

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