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Report on Government services 2009: Indigenous compendium

Posted on: 17 June, 2009
Issue: Vol 9 No 2, April 2009 - June 2009
Related to Housing Health Justice Services States and Territories

Steering Committee for the Review of Commonwealth Service Provision (2009)
Report on Government services 2009: Indigenous compendium.
Canberra: Productivity Commission

Indigenous data from the Report of Government services 2009 are compiled in this compendium to provide a focus on the purchase and supply of services. In this edition, government services are divided into the following categories: early childhood, education and training, justice, emergency management, health, community services and housing. For each category a framework of performance indicators highlights the level of objectives attained regarding the equity, effectiveness and efficiency of services. The interpretation of the data enable comparisons of Commonwealth and State Government services, including intra-government services.

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