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SmokeCheck resources

Posted on: 4 April, 2011
Issue: Vol 11 No 2, April 2011 - June 2011
Related to Tobacco use New South Wales

Sydney  School of  Public Health (2011)
SmokeCheck resources
Sydney: NSW Department of Health

This resource package was produced as part of the SmokeCheck project which aims to improve the health of Aboriginal people in NSW and eliminate or reduce their exposure to tobacco. The SmokeCheck resources package includes a set of SmokeCheck brochures for clients, a desktop tool card, a DVD demonstrating brief motivational interviewing, a fridge magnet, and a resource order form. All materials are evidence-based and all participants receive regular updates of new information and resources available. The SmokeCheck resources are available to everyone who completes the one day SmokeCheck training workshop, and can also be ordered free of charge by contacting the Resource Distribution Unit or filling out the order form.

SmokeCheck program abstract

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