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Start stronger, live longer national Aboriginal Health Worker symposium

Posted on: 1 October, 2010
Issue: Vol 10 No 4, October - December 2010
Related to Family Infants and young children Pregnancy Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers

The Kulunga Research Network Start stronger, live longer symposium was held 8 – 9 June 2010, Perth Western Australia. The primary objective of the symposium was to provide Aboriginal Health Workers and others with an opportunity to learn from and connect with experts in a range of Aboriginal health related areas.

Objectives also included the following:

  • Celebrate the strengths of Aboriginal Health Workers and honour the work they do with Aboriginal children, families and communities on a daily basis;
  • Bring together a range of stakeholders from across Australia to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences;
  • Provide Aboriginal Health Workers with a unique experience to learn from and network with their colleagues;
  • To give Aboriginal Health Workers access to experts in research, policy and service provision and in doing so share their experiences and concerns.

The majority of participants considered the information presented would be very useful to their work and afforded a unique learning experience. The symposium proved to be a useful professional development and capacity building opportunity for Aboriginal Health Workers.

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