The Australian Indigenous ClinicalInfoNet: a new web resource for chronic disease prevention, identification and management

Posted on: 1 July, 2013
Issue: Vol 13 No 3, July 2013 - September 2013
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The Australian Indigenous ClinicalInfoNet ( is a new Internet resource for primary health care workers.  The ClinicalInfoNet presents, in a single resource, existing tools, guidelines and online information to promote best practice in the prevention, identification and management of chronic disease in Indigenous people. It enables users to access evidence-based, current and culturally appropriate information.

Chronic disease management in the primary health care workplace requires access to a range of clinical and patient materials. While extensive clinical resources are already available online, it has been found that they are often not being utilised due to a lack of awareness and/or difficulty with access. The ClinicalInfoNet brings together all these resources to assist general practitioners, nurses and Aboriginal Health Workers in their decision-making, and inform practice relating to chronic disease management among Indigenous people.

The ClinicalInfoNet contains information relating to five key chronic diseases namely cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, cancer and kidney disease. It provides access to patient education materials, clinical guidelines and reference materials, clinical tools and administrative information, and covers all stages of the disease pathway.

The integration of the web resource into patient management systems via the PrimaryCare Sidebar® (free software that connects the clinicians’ desktop to these resources) provides access in ‘real time’ during the patient consultation. It enables the practitioner to access relevant materials without having to leave the patient notes or re-type information.

The ClinicalInfoNet is a free web resource that does not require a subscription or login. It is accessible through any of the most popular Internet web browsers.

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