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The state of reconciliation in Australia

Posted on: 22 February, 2016
Issue: Vol 16 No 1, January 2016 - March 2016
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Reconciliation Australia (2016)
The state of reconciliation in Australia
Alice Springs: Reconciliation Australia

Twenty-five years after the establishment of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation, this report examines the state of reconciliation in Australia today. The report uses a five-dimensional framework of reconciliation to measure and analyse the state of reconciliation today. The report also looks to Australia’s future reconciliation journey and is intended to spark a renewed national conversation about how we can move towards a reconciled Australia over the next 25 years. The five dimensions identified to measure reconciliation in Australia are:

  • race relations
  • equality and equity
  • institutional integrity
  • unity
  • historical acceptance.

The report is divided into four sections:

  • Measuring reconciliation in Australia looks back on the evolution of reconciliation and explains the five-dimensional framework used to measure progress towards reconciliation.
  • Reconciliation today is a snapshot of where we currently stand in our efforts to achieve a reconciled Australia. This section details the findings from national-level data on a range of socio-economic, attitudinal and cultural measures to illustrate the state of play for each of the five dimensions of reconciliation.
  • Towards a reconciled Australia draws on the key findings in this report to highlight the areas that Reconciliation Australia believes need the greatest attention in the future, if we are to achieve a just, equitable and reconciled Australia.
  • Sustaining and building the reconciliation movement summarises the key conclusions in this report and provides practical steps to continue the national conversation on reconciliation for the next 25 years.

Abstract adapted from Reconciliation Australia

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