Thumbs up!

Posted on: 5 September, 2011
Issue: Vol 11 No 3, July 2011 – September 2011
Related to Health Nutrition Infants and young children

The Thumbs up! website aims to promote healthy eating to Indigenous children in the Northern Territory.

The Thumbs up! program launched in 2009 by The Jimmy Little Foundation (JLF) continues to promote the healthy eating messages through the interactive Thumbs up! website using school music, media workshops, and a stores program where in-store signage points shoppers to healthy products including fruit, vegetables and water.

The website provides basic health information about healthy food choices to young Indigenous children and resources for remote teachers to explore this subject with their students. The teacher resources align with the Northern Territory and draft national curriculum. The website has been funded by Medicines Australia and supported by the Northern Territory Government.

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